Monday, August 8, 2011

Yesterday was a completely shitty experience. I spent the first hour of work in search of my schedule, only to subsequently discover that it was missing because my hours are being cut and switched... again. The amount of dishonesty and bullshit and disrespect that goes on there is astounding. So I wasted almost an hour being lied to about my schedule, did some work, went on break, did more work, was pulled into the office to be told that I will basically never meet these peoples' expectations, spent my whole lunch period bawling, and worked some more. After work, I went home and basically sat in front of the tv all night since I was too emotionally drained to do anything else. I made myself a Sidecar and began knitting a cowl/scarf. So far today, I've knitted more, and looked at a few possible employment opportunities. I have to work from 4-8:30pm today, but then I'm off for a few. I think I'll make some cinnamon rolls when I get home. Wish me luck at work...

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