Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm currently obsessed with vintage dresses and "White Russians" with cherries on top, and have the money for neither.

Also, I wrote a long, thoughtful post about my blogging history and my computer froze and all my beautiful writing was deleted. It wasn't very witty anyway, and I would prefer that I appear always witty and amazing. Hah... if only.

So here it is! My first post. Ta Da! Now I must stop watching "Weeds" from my friend's netflix and go take a shower and try to be positive about going to work and not getting any.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Blogging Past and An Introduction of Sorts

It often seems that every time there is a new change in my life, I start a new journal or blog. When I was in middle school, I started a journal to share with my best friend who I was somewhat in love with. I used it to keep in touch with him and other friends who I was forced to leave behind when I left for another school. The next year, I started a new journal in which I wrote about how tormented I was as a fourteen year old with social anxiety. I continued that journal into the next year where I first wrote about how tormented I was over still loving my best friend.That journal was close to abandoned the year after that since for the first time, I was in a relationship and was working. The summer after that year, I was finally officially with the man who I had been in love with for many years, and began college -- so naturally I needed a new journal. Three years later, here I am. Still in college, still with the man I love so much, and deciding that perhaps this journal will be a bit different. So, here we go! This journal will be my place for ideas, inspiration, crazy theories, stories, photos, love poems, and everything else I deem important. With that I say "hello," and your charmed, I'm sure.