Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Blogging Past and An Introduction of Sorts

It often seems that every time there is a new change in my life, I start a new journal or blog. When I was in middle school, I started a journal to share with my best friend who I was somewhat in love with. I used it to keep in touch with him and other friends who I was forced to leave behind when I left for another school. The next year, I started a new journal in which I wrote about how tormented I was as a fourteen year old with social anxiety. I continued that journal into the next year where I first wrote about how tormented I was over still loving my best friend.That journal was close to abandoned the year after that since for the first time, I was in a relationship and was working. The summer after that year, I was finally officially with the man who I had been in love with for many years, and began college -- so naturally I needed a new journal. Three years later, here I am. Still in college, still with the man I love so much, and deciding that perhaps this journal will be a bit different. So, here we go! This journal will be my place for ideas, inspiration, crazy theories, stories, photos, love poems, and everything else I deem important. With that I say "hello," and your charmed, I'm sure.

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