Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My first love was probably Matt Graves. I first met him in second grade. He had white blond hair that we wore long. It was soft, wavy and shiny and flowed over his shoulders, ending in curls. I remember him wearing overalls a lot. He was sweet but mischievous. I probably loved him right away. My mom remembers one Halloween when he apparently chased me all over school. I would get extremely jealous when he paid my friends attention and even stole a friends dress after he had shown interest in her while she was wearing it. Such an awful kid... He left after third grade, and I believe I was pretty heartbroken. When he came back to my school in 7th grade, I was so nervous and overjoyed. We took ballroom dancing and loved to swing dance together to the song, "Tequila." After class one day, he asked me on a date. I was so nervous, I said something rude and ran away, but later called him, and said I would love to see a movie with him. We ended up dating for about 4 months. After 7th grade, I didn't see or talk to him for quite a while, but I'll always remember my first love.

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